Wrote first program more than 30 years ago at 9 years old
#passion #code #bigdata


Founded first company more than 10 years ago at 30 years old
#people #business #bigvalue

1989 - Present

Co-invented Nezaboodka, a decentralized database management system (patent #027808)

Co-invented Nevod, an engine for pattern-based text search (patent #037156)

Authored the concept of Transactional Reactive Programming and implemented it in the Reactronic library

Co-authored a book on programming for beginners

2010 - Present

Still do code on regular basis

Co-founded Nezaboodka Software, a deep-tech company, Big Data SaaS

Co-founded Nezaboodka Research, a deep-tech research organization

Co-founded NZ Labs, a global technology outstaffing agency

Co-founded PointSource Belarus, an outsourcing company, acquired by Globant in 2018 (NYSE: GLOB)

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